mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013

Pomodoro's sculpture: a tomato or the globe?

It's the most known sculpture in Pesaro, even though it's present in similar forms in many cities of Italy and abroad.. (just think that it's one of the very few contemporary sculptures in the Vatican museums, and the only one in the court). The globe, that reminds also somehow of a tomato (Pomodoro ironically means tomato in italian) is a brand that Arnaldo Pomodoro exported with great success, but he dedicated this one in Pesaro with particular affection. Arnaldo's younger brother, in fact, was also a sculptor, born in the province of Pesaro in 1930.
Giò and Arnaldo made the story of contemporary sculpture in Italy, and having one of its sculptures, in such a size and setting, makes Pesaro's visit a must.

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